About the Artist:

Painting in a close but parallel universe to the "Mission School" artists, Lisa Bostwick has lived and created in San Francisco since 1986. Born in New York and making her way west through study at Colorado College and finally earning a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute Lisa also holds a MA in Clinical Psychology from New College of California. "During my psych years, I had a studio next to Margaret Kilgallen across from Southern Exposure, I was drawing from toys and objects, studying play therapy and generally trying to figure out how it all works psychologically. It was an introverted art period and ironicially a time when the 'Mission School' came of age and gained notoriety."

"I've always been obsessed with color and subjects that have layers of meaning. I can be fairly promiscuous when it comes to choosing topics, in other words many things interest me. Vintage Americana, leisure, sport, Indians, mid century, motorcycles, pure color, public versus private domains, tourism, snapshots, portraits- it's all up for consideration."

Widely collected throughout the United States and a longtime passionate and innovative educator with 21 years classroom experience, Lisa lives with her partner and daughter in the Mission district.

2nd Solo Show Sagan Piechota Architecture opens June 1st, 2011

Solo Show - Woodside, California December 2010: www.SpurProjects.com

Solo Show Sagan and Piechota 315 Linden Street SF September 2009


Red Door Gallery, Oakland July 2009

De Young Museum Sketching Tours September 2008

Solo Show Gallery del Grotto May 2008